Our premium fitness formulas are designed to deliver power, fitness and health to women who want more. Whatever your goals, and whatever your exercise routine, we’ve worked with expert Registered Dieticians to develop products that enable you to smash your expectations.


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The Powher story

When we looked at women’s fitness products, we saw a lot of the same things: big claims, big promises, and unrealistic images. This didn’t reflect the world we saw around us.

Real women want real results, and that’s what we set out to deliver. By working with a team of Registered Dieticians and product scientists, we’ve developed a range of three products that are designed to work in sync with women’s bodies.

They don’t overpromise. They don’t underperform. They just work, enabling women to perform, achieve and realise their ambitions.


Our fitness formulas are created for women who want to push themselves. They deliver increased energy, greater endurance and a faster metabolism, allowing you to go one, two and three steps further in your drive for peak performance.

For every weight you lift, lap you complete and challenge you overcome, Powher is right by your side, allowing your body to do more than you ever imagined.

Designed around you

When you use our fitness products, you’re not going against what your body wants – you’re working with it. Our premium supplements are designed to complement your natural rhythm, helping both your body and mind unleash their potential.

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As a registered dietitian, I always try to personalize nutrition to the individual as much as possible. Women, in particular, have specific nutrient needs that simply aren’t the same as men.

Powher brands have really nailed personalized nutrition for the athletic, busy woman and their line of quality supplements just keeps growing!

A word from Powher’s Registered Dietician

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