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POWHER up your life with supplements tailored to you.

The Powher rangeThe Powher range


Fire up your workout performance with cutting edge energizers*


Lose more weight in the context of an energy restricted diet*


Ingredients to achieve more restful nights, by reducing sleep onset latency*


With thousands of women striving for the perfect combination of a Victoria Secret model figure and a high-flying career, the supplement industry is now stuffed full of pills and potions all promising miracle results.

And if you have been familiar with the marketplace for some-time, you’ve probably realized that these types of products often fall into two different categories…


They are aggressive, stimulant packed options designed for men looking to get ripped.


They are weak blends of exotic sounding ingredients, that are big on claims but have no actual proven benefits!


We’ve created three ‘bespoke-supplements’.

All of which are designed for modern women looking to extract the very best results from both their body and mind.

But with one major difference to the competition…

We’ve invested heavily in our products, to bring you some of the very best ingredients, in dosages that have proven to be effective by leading health regulators.

Not only that, but we’ve also formulated our products to include some of the most cutting-edge, branded ingredients currently available in the sports supplement sector.

Our range includes ingredients that contribute to:

  • Greater weight loss to support your body goals.
  • Increased energy and endurance whether performing exercise or not.
  • Reduced sleep onset latency for better all-round recovery and mental performance.

And crucially…

We’ve done all this whilst ensuring that our products are still optimized and safe for female consumption.

To learn more about how they work scroll down the page and choose a product.


Pre Workout

Conquer your goals with a supplement that has been especially formulated for women.

Powher encourages improved motivation and endurance capacity without the risk of unpleasant side effects nor the dreaded ‘caffeine crash’.

Fat Burner

99% of weight loss supplements have no effect whatsoever!

Powher cut is different, it has been designed to fire-up your shredding goals with proven ingredients that actually work!


It can feel hard to keep up with the fast-paced world we live in.

Brain Powher is here to help. This specially formulated nootropic is designed to unlock your full cognitive potential.

Reasons to love Powher

We’ve developed a range we think you’ll love. With safe and effective ingredients selected and dosed for their ability to actually get the job done!


Ingredients that work

No Pseudo-Science, just proven ingredients that are supported by the most rigorous human studies.


Optimal Dosing

Powher harnesses essential extracts, minerals and vitamins in doses proven to deliver results. More ingredients per scoop, more capsules per bottle than nearly every competitor in the market.


Simple to use

We know our customers have busy lives so all our products are designed to be taken with minimal fuss and inconvenience.



Many supplement brands will load up on cheap and nasty stimulants in order to cut costs. Powher only uses stimulants from proven sources and more importantly in doses that are sufficient to work but not so large they leave you feeling unwell.

Powher is made to highest possible standards, in accordance with good manufacturing practice.

Each tub is made in FDA registered facilities. Ensuring you get an effective and safe finished product.

We ship worldwide from the USA & UK using a tracked delivery service.